Basic information

What exactly are PaperMask makeshift mouth-nose masks?

Our PaperMask products are makeshift mouth-and-nose masks – so-called “community masks”. They are not medical devices or protective equipment.
For more information on the classification of community masks, click here:

How can PaperMasks be used?

PaperMasks are disposable makeshift mouth-nose masks, made of paper and therefore intended for single use. This makes sense wherever no better mask alternative is available, i.e. where people should put on a simple, inexpensive disposable makeshift mouth-nose mask due to the current situation. E.g. as a quick alternative for a short shopping trip or when entering a shop spontaneously, etc. The disposable mask is easy to use here and gives people the good feeling of using an unused product. Due to the low unit price, PaperMasks can be offered in large quantities on site in a short time.

Are disposable makeshift mouth-nose masks bad for the environment?

PaperMasks are made of paper and can therefore be disposed of in the waste paper and thus recycled. Please remove the rubber before doing so.

Product details

What material are the masks made of?

The masks are made of environmentally friendly FSC paper with food certification.

How are the masks delivered?

The masks are gelled flat in POS dispensers. The masks lie plano in the cardboard box. The packaging unit of a dispenser is 250 masks. A box for the rubber rings is integrated in the dispenser.

Is the same mask available elsewhere?

Our PaperMask Community Masks are only available here in our shop and can be purchased through Peschke Druck. In order to protect us from unauthorized imitation, a utility model application was filed as a precaution.

How does the PaperMask Community Mask differentiate itself from other paper masks?

Our community masks fit especially well. A rubber band in the neck holds the mask well over mouth and nose without unpleasant pressure. This is also the biggest advantage compared to masks which are like glasses with temples over the ears. Here the hold is not so given.